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UHF CB Radios & Walkie Talkies

CB UHF Radios Built Tough!!!

UHF CB Radios & Walkie Talkies

For Business or outback Australia you have just unlocked the ability to purchase a powerful UHF CB Radio from a mining communications company.

Yes all MiningTelecoms UHF CB radios can be legally used for commercial purposes and have been tested to military standards in the field. This means the radios are water and dust proof, and can take the knocks without you having to repair or replace them. All our UHF CB radios are at full power allowed by Australian Government Regulations. This ensures you receive the maximum range necessary from your CB UHF radio. All CB Radios have been selected for Australia’s harsh dry, bush covered environments and terrain.

CB radio featuers include a minimum of 80 Channels which can also be programmed. This ensures you receive the best available coverage and a selectable channel that meets your requirements for the surrounding area.

Compare between Motorola, Kenwood, Tait and Hytera civilian band options. Ideal for short term construction, exploration, events and security projects. Or we can set you up with your own dedicated frequencies from the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA). Our customers are in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and outback Australia. 

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Dispatch Consoles
Hospital Two Way Radios Link Capacity Plus
New Release – NX3000 NXDN Handheld Radios
Kenwood NX3000 series handheld two way radio instructions

When selecting a business two way radio there are a lot of factors to consider

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Tait TP3 16 Keypad display

Tait TP3 16 Key Pad – Black

Tait TP9600 P25 16Key

Tait TP9600 P25 16 Key Pad – Black