Hytera DMR & Tetra Solutions – Whats New in 2018?

Hytera DMR Tetra Solutions

Hytera DMR TETRA Solutions for First Responders Hytera DMR Hytera Tetra Solutions, is a world leading solution provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications. For this reason Hytera has just launched and presented its latest DMR and TETRA Solutions. Supporting the DMR and Tetra Solutions is the Hytera Dispatch Solution. First and foremost this is a system […]

Motorola TPG2200 TETRA PAGER for Firefighters

Motorola TPG2200 Pager Tetra

Motorola Solutions has developed a two-way pager to enable firefighters to quickly alert colleagues if they need help during incidents. The Motorola TPG2200 is a TETRA-based device which both sends out a signal, and lets personnel acknowledge that they’ve received the message and are responding to the call. According to Motorola, key functionalities include enhanced coverage […]

How Do Two Way Radios Accelerate Productivity and Safety?

1) Two Way Radios 256 bit Encryption / Backup Power Supplies With Safety a priority MiningTelecoms most recently upgraded a NSW Drug Rehabilitation Hospital to a P25 Phase 1 Trunked radio network solution with the latest Kenwood NX5300 Portable & NX5700 Mobile Series Two Way Radios. With safety in mind a NXR-810 UHF repeater, and […]

Motorola “One-box” TETRA digital radio system

Motorola Dimetra Express Tetra Two Way Radios

published by MotorolaSolutions 7 Feb 2017 Motorola Tetra Solutions -Materially Reduced Setup Times Motorola Solutions’ DIMETRA Express TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) system saves valuable time to increase performance, reliability and responsiveness. Integrated system provides all the high-quality voice, short data and telephony services of TETRA in a small form factor. COPENHAGEN, Denmark – February 8, […]