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MiningTelecoms is a leading voice and data two way radio communication system designer. We supply and commission Two Way Radios including UHF / VHF / DMR Trunked Digital and Multi-Protocol systems.

We believe the right two way radios and system technologies will help you achieve great things in the digital age. First and foremost you want your businesses to grow, compete and deliver better outcomes to your customers.

Furthermore MiningTelecoms also design, supply, and commission voice and data, emergency radio communication systems (including dispatch) that is structured for the primary purpose of supporting two way radio communication emergency services.

Our ability to combine two way radios, system design and multi-protocol solutions from leading manufactures ensures we deliver the outcomes you need to accelerate your business or emergency response.

Two Way Radio Business Partners

Radio Communications Miningtelecoms
Kenwood Radios NEXEDGE Emergency Radio Systems

Motorola Solutions – Radio Communication System for Mototrbo, Capacity Plus

Motorola manufactures and distributes two way radios across Australia, and is one of the top 3 companies investing in digital R&D for radio communication system applications. As well as emergency services and national government agencies they have produced two way radios for business purposes including utilities, mining, energy, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, transportation and logistics. MiningTelecoms is an authorized dealer of Motorola Two Way Radios and has access to the latest in digital and analogue technology.

Motorola Two Way Radios Partner

Tait Communications – Radio Communication System in Conventional, DMR, Trunked and Project 25.

Tait Radio Communications has been a leading manufacturer of professional two-way radio equipment for over 40 years. Tait is an iconic New Zealand brand with development and manufacturing solely based in Christchurch. As a result of its New Zealand operational base, Tait has always been a dominant player in its home market, with approximately 40% market share and has a reputation for designing and producing communications equipment of the highest quality and reliability

Tait Two Way Radios Partner

JVCKenwood Corp – Two Way Radio Systems – NXDN, Nexedge, Multi-Protocol

JVCKenwood is a company creating customer value by¬†providing two way radio solutions to business’s through MiningTelecoms. With this in mind the the following initiatives have been focused on:

  • Research & Development
  • Developing Digital Two Way Radios for the Australian Mkt
  • From closed innovation to open innovation
Kenwood Two Way Radios Partner

Omnitronics – Two Way Radio Systems include Consoles, Dispatch, Geo Fencing, GPS Tracking.

Omnitronics are world leaders in Mission Critical Communications, Dispatch, and improves safety, productivity and efficiencies of organizations of all sizes. MiningTelecoms recommends their fully featured software based dispatch platforms which support two way radio equipment from Motorola, Tait, Kenwood, and Hytera. Omnitronics dispatch enables a dispatch operator to perform all voice call functions, messaging, geo-fencing and voice recording all from an intuitive user interface.

Omnitronics Dispatch Two Way Radios
Motorola Two Way Radio Remote Mic with PTT and noise cancelling function
Dispatch Consoles
Hospital Two Way Radios Link Capacity Plus
New Release – NX3000 NXDN Handheld Radios
Kenwood NX3000 series handheld two way radio instructions

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