Oil and Gas Communications

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As an Oil and Gas, Energy Company the liquid products you extract deep from the ground every day play a critical role in powering the economy of Australia. Daily operations must be completed safely, and productively, with the business able to constantly monitor the health and well-being of the platform, its facilities and equipment. Video, alerts, and instant communications are required throughout the extraction process which are often in remote, hard-to-reach areas. Networks cannot go down at any point in the process as this can lead to millions in lost revenue, safety issues or uncertainty for mission critical systems.

As Australia’s leading provider of critical communications terminals and infrastructure, we are able to provide energy enterprises with a number of remote network solutions that enable operations to work safer and more reliably with smarter communications equipment. We not only improve reliability and connectivity with the latest communications technology, we are able to increase the capacity and scale you need to implement  cutting edge solutions. These solutions  drive efficiency and remove human error from the equation. The right network infrastructure will allow you to install smarter monitoring systems, autonomous tasks and automated alarms that will keep your employees safe and your sites secure.

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Why MiningTelecoms?

Delivering industry specific network solutions  

With over 15 years of network experience we continue to push the boundaries, delivering Australia’s most advanced communications networks and system solutions.

Choosing the right infrastructure and products is only part of the challenge. Setting up the network design, program delivery, and system implementation must be laid out in detail from the beginning.  Our people are professionally-trained, certified and driven to deliver.

Enterprise Networks

  • Airports
  • Railway Stations
  • Events
  • Stadiums
  • Small – Medium Sized Business
  • Mining / Oil & Gas / Pipelines / Utilities

We set the benchmark in industry network design and program delivery.

We drive the innovation bus hard, always looking ahead, researching the latest technology to further improve our products and services.

As a communications infrastructure company with a combination of network solutions we offer unique unmatched depth, capabilities, and architecture. 




Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Surveillance

Manage your operations anywhere and everywhere 24 hours a day. Video analytics solutions can monitor by self learning AI technology.

The Avigilon is designed to accurately recognise movement whether it is a team member on the ground or a vehicle, with type, speed and destination. The system monitors and recognises the differentiating movement between different assets and personnel. This reduces false positives and ensures meaningful alerts.

Command control centres with video surveillance and access control solutions are integrated with AI to help provide the right information, accurately and in real-time. Intelligent information allows for critical decisions to be correctly accessed and actioned.

MiningTelecoms Security Cameras

Streamline Video & Communications 

Complete site security checks with organised data in one location. Oil, gas and petrochemical site operations, apps and assets are recorded and stored in one centralised location. An easy to use platform provides quick access to current and historical video surveillance information and data.

Imagine a single platform where you can record incidents in real time across multiple devices, assets, personnel, and sites. Quickly gain insights into potential safety issues, threats and proactively plan. Update policy & procedures, and communicate any future safety concerns immediately.

MiningTelecoms also offers multi-tiered managed service solutions 

MiningTelecoms Oil, Gas Command Centre