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What will Mining Two-Way Radio Communications Systems look like in the Future?

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Australia’s mining two-way radio communications systems are going through a radical change with the options of a 4G LTE private mobile mining communications system network. Semi and fully autonomous mining is now a reality. Mines are working smarter and more efficiently removing legacy systems and processes.

Get the latest information and future outlook for 4G LTE and Radio Network Communications from Australia’s Mining Telecommunications experts.

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Mine Site Two Way Radio Communications

Seamlessly Connect and Track Mine-Site Assets, Resources & Mining Two Way Radios

Our customers include mines and contractors operating out of Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone, Yeppon, Clermont, Middlemount, Blackwater, Emerald, Longreach, Springsure, Biloela, Monto, and Miriam Vale…Peabody, BHP, RIO, BMA, and Rail Networks.

With commodity prices contining to be volatile, relationships with China, and COVID.19 there is even more pressure on a mine to be highly effective in the management of its assets and security.

Operational costs, government regulations, environmental policies, the time & cost taken to employ skilled workers, asset monitoring and maintenance, must all be addressed in order to forecast the economic sustainability and life of the mine.

To ensure the most profitable outcome is achieved, MiningTelecoms has designed and developed a more automated, intuitive connected mine-site. Our radio solutions and 4G LTE private mobile network design allows for rapid field deployment to remote sites, fast and reliable data communications to mobile assets and infrastructure machinery. Once production is underway companies recognized immediate economic benefits and increased resource safety.

We have the bandwidth to support huge volumes of data from trucks, diggers, machinery, sensors, CCTV, employees (TV, Internet, streaming video), on encrypted data transfer technology.

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