Private Networks for LTE Mining Communications

Accelerating Productivity and Safety with LTE 4G Private Mobile Networks

As technology advances so does the productivity and safety of mines with private LTE Mining Communications Networks P25, and DMR Mine Two-Way Radios


Design – Implementation – Productivity

LTE voice and data communications across a mine site delivering operational data to multiple devices…outdoors and Indoors

4G LTE Private Mobile Networks

Simple Design – Implementation > Productivity

MiningTelecoms is able to design and implement LTE communications across mine sites operating in Australia including surface and underground mines replacing leaky feeder and wifi mesh networks.

Our solution comprises of site configuration, concept design, feasibility, project management, installation, commissioning,  training, documentation and spares resulting in material productivity efficiencies with semi and fully autonomous vehicles.

All communications asset titles including towers are transferred to the mine at agreed milestones to ensure a seamless onsite handover and control to the sites own resources. This ensures investment returns are maximized with the earliest project financial paybacks.

We partner with all the major teleco’s, and network partners including Ericsson, Nokia, Dimension Data and CISCO which enables us to support a mines:

• Fleet Management
• Device Monitoring
• Environmental Data Loggers
• Mobile Devices

Operational Productivity – Mine Network Communications

Our directors and partners have more than three decades of experience in Cellular and Radio Communications that include:
• LTE Networks – Design / Plan / Test / Commissioning
• Telephony Switches
• Radio Frequency Design / Plan / Test / Commission
• Microwave
• Fibre Systems
• Mine-site Safety – Proximity Detection

MiningTelecoms Next Generation Private Wireless Connectivity – Industry 4.0 with Wi-Fi 6

One network for all applications

Organisations in the past that have tried using IT-based wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi 4-5, Wi-Fi MESH or even Bluetooth (for shorter distances).

For operation critical connectivity it was rapidly realized there were confronting  limitations. While, Wi-Fi 5 is perfectly suited for office-type communications and will continue to be used in these applications, it is not designed, nor is its performance suitable, for critical communications.

Security was a key concern with wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth, which have been shown to be easily hackable. In contrast, MiningTelecoms “Private Access Network for Industry” (PANI4)” provides a high speed, highly secure, extended capacity network solution designed from the ground.

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MiningTelecoms 5G Bar Chart

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