High speed Wi-Fi 6 accelerating  enterprise, healthcare and schools

MiningTelecoms is Australia’s leading designer of high speed Wi-Fi networks with exclusive indoor, outdoor access points, ethernet, satellite and microwave backhaul connections.

We offer multiple network paths specific to your business or enterprise location. From 25/5Mbps to 1000/400Mbps for critical voice and data services.

Our engineers and solution architects design Wi-Fi networks that unlock higher capacity, reduce latency, monitor and maintain cybersecurity, and deliver systems that save materially in power, maintenance and downtime.

Passive optical networks (PON)

Future proof your network

MiningTelecoms passive optical network solution supports high speed, highly secure, future proof, low cost and easy to deploy network infrastructure. 

PON technology provides high bandwidth, power saving, no emission technology suitable for business enterprise and industry solutions.

Broadband Open Fibre Cables for Business

Wi-Fi 6/6E

4x faster than wi-fi 5

High speed network fibre solutions

Our Solutions
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