Communications Network Design

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Network design

MiningTelecoms digital network design solution and architecture applies pre-tested and successfully deployed hardware and software-driven communication systems.

Our technology has the highest speed, longest life, and is the lowest cost infrastructure available in Australia.

Mining, site camps, laydowns, pipelines, multi-dwelling accommodation, business and corporate buildings receive high bandwidth, power saving, green technology that transform their business.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership [TCO]

Cost saving network solution

Fast, passive fibre networks enjoy immediate short and long term cost savings. MiningTelecoms design and deploy the lowest cost network solution available in the Australian market, using 80% less copper and 60% less power.

Our customers require less training, see faster installation times, a better communications experience, and a material reduction in maintenance costs.

Melbourne Radio Communications

Replace Legacy Systems

Broadband Open Fibre Cables for Business

Future proof network technology

Future-proofing a network has never been more important. MiningTelecoms have developed infrastructure that supports high bandwidth capacity, low latency, cost effective, safe, green, space saving network solutions specifically for Australian businesses.

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Why are we better than anyone else?

How do we achieve faster speeds and more capacity that anyone else in Australia?

Lower Total Cost of Ownership