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We are Australia’s leading supplier of two way radios, remote fibre connections, Wi-Fi 6 wireless links, satellite communications, & network solutions for enterprise.

MiningTelecoms Australia supply exceptional, integrated communication systems, best in class two way radios, remote satellite solutions and regional broadband connections. Servicing Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne the Gold Coast and Regional Australia.

We don’t sell radios we deliver commercial communication lifelines

Radio Connectivity- What to look for.

Instant push-to-talk crystal clear audio

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Two Way Radio Equipment

Portables Mobiles Accessories Repeaters


Construction, Mining, Transport, Oil & Gas, P25 LTE

Industry and Sector Communications

Broadband Solutions

Broadband Network Solutions

High Speed, 4x Capacity, Wi-Fi 6 Solutions


Remote Satellite Communications

Stay connected with reliable high speed satellite communications


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MiningTelecoms 5G Networks

5G is the underbelly to what’s next.

We are  building the infrastructure to deliver 5G applications to towns, mining, pipeline, oil & gas, and farming in regional Australia.

At MiningTelecoms, we’re developing the technologies for an intelligently connected future in regional Australia,
spearheading the drive for the next Australian wireless standard, and collaborating with industry leaders to make this future a
commercial reality. 

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Smart Energy Storage Solutions

Powering Australia with our lithium-powered energy storage and backup power solutions

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What possibilities can we create for you? 

Communications will be a major economic driver in 2021 with advances in 5G/4G two way radio networks and applications that will spur innovation to new industries, products, services and job creation.

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MiningTelecoms 2021 Connected Communications

Powering IoT Solutions

MiningTelecoms IoT transforms the productivity of Industries. How can we connect your Enterprise to an IoT solution?

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IoT Solutions

Monitor your production process, prevent failures & set early warning alerts. Detect the structural health of assets. Control storage areas. Improve security and surveillance systems, track goods and monitor their condition. Manage the flow of resources and vehicles. MiningTelecoms remote monitoring solution manages IoT connected assets ensuring 99.9% uptime.

The Challenge – the Reward

The main challenge of any business is to improve its competitiveness by reducing costs, optimizing productive processes while respecting compliance. MiningTelecoms IoT deployments can offer rapid returns with the ability to tap into new revenue sources and efficiencies.

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