Delivering ‘rapid deploy – low orbit satellite’ (RLOS) communications anywhere in Australia

Deploying satellite communications is now a very economic option for remote communications in regional and rural areas of Australia. MiningTelecoms has revolutionized satellite connectivity by giving customers the ability to customize and scale their network experience on-demand.

RLOS – a practical high capacity option for regional business’s in remote areas of Australia

Satellites have been used successfully for many years to deliver communications and internet services to regional areas of Australia. However with advances in the volume of Satellites, and new technology, MiningTelecoms has developed a ‘Satellite Private Access Network’ (SPAN) that is a customizable, scalable communications solution with very real economic benefits. Business’s can increase or decrease bandwidth or applications as they expand or consolidate whenever they choose at no additional cost.

Regional deployments covering large geographic areas have required external, technician-installed customer premises equipment (CPE) with precise and complex setups in order to connect to an orbiting satellite. This has made provisioning a new customer complex, expensive and time consuming.

MiningTelecoms SPAN solution revolutionizes this, business’s in regional areas can now enjoy easy deployments, more reliable down and uplink speeds both outdoor and indoor. SPAN is 55% quicker and easier to deploy – connecting business’s faster with more data than ever before, and at a much lower cost.

Why MiningTelecoms?

Introducing “MiningTelecoms EveryThing Connected” Satellite Communications Service (MECS)

“MiningTelecoms EveryThing Connected” Satellite Communications Service (MECS) is designed to deliver increased digital capacity for businesses in regional and remote areas of Australia. We have developed unique and innovative voice and data solutions offering high-speed internet to mining and agriculture businesses across 96% of Australia.

User Data Requirements

Estimating Satellite Bandwidth

To ensure you have the appropriate speed for your site or project we recommend reviewing the table below. Firstly identify how many users are required, then think about the type of applications they will be running. For example if there a 5 users requiring satellite video streaming then a moderate plan would be chosen. Choosing the wrong bandwidth can result in delayed projects, increased costs, and frustrated staff. Securing the right plan and budget ensures you deliver the information in the format required, when you need it.

Users Light Moderate Heavy
2 1/0.25 Mbps 6:1 Unlimited 1/0.25 Mbps 3:1 Unlimited 1/0.25 Mbps 1:1 Unlimited
15 2/0.5 Mbps 6:1 Unlimited 2/0.5 Mbps 3:1 Unlimited 2/0.5 Mbps 1:1 Unlimited
25 8/2 Mbps 6:1 Unlimited 8/2 Mbps 3:1 Unlimited 8/2 Mbps 1:1 Unlimited
100 16/4 Mbps 1:1 Unlimited 24/6 Mbps 1:1 Unlimited

Usage – select the level of usage

Remember, you can upgrade your satellite bandwidth any any time. For example your connection speed can grow to support your project growth so if your requirements change, we can scale your bandwidth to match your project or site communications accordingly.

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Powering Mining Camp Communications

“MiningTelecoms EveryThing Connected” includes a smartphone service, unlimited hd broadband and low latency satellite connections. igh-speed broadband, entertainment, and streaming video conferencing from 2021. Communications have been a major economic driver since 2021 with access to 5G/4G, high-speed voice & data across all of Australia.

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MiningTelecoms 2021 Connected Communications
MiningTelecoms 2021 Connected Communications

Emergency Response & Public Safety

“MiningTelecoms EveryThing Connected” provides dependable, on the move communications for front line emergency services. First responders, such as firefighters, police and rescue services, rely on MiningTelecoms-on-the-move communications solution to manage emergency response and public safety

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What we have achieved to date…

Over the last 15 years we have developed cutting edge, cost effective, project specific, satellite and network communication solutions for regional Australia.

MiningTelecoms offers a flexible new approach to remote communications with satellite, radio links, cellular 3G, 4G networks, and broadband available in isolation or as one integrated managed platform.

Communication is a lifeline to our customers as they develop, grow and transition. Our unique industry specific communications are designed for growth in mining and exploration, pipeline works, oil and gas, agriculture and construction.

MiningTelecoms specialises in remote worksites and offshore projects in Australia and New Zealand. Our networks include exclusive satellite, radio, cellular, wireless and fixed line broadband solutions.

Our team are well skilled in industry specific communications requirements and customer service.

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