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Security Communications

MiningTelecoms is a leading supplier of security two-way radios for nightclubs, events, security exhibitions, hotels, hospitals, malls, patrols, and surveillance.

Security Solutions:

Our best selling security two way radios are the Hytera PD662 the Kenwood NX3000 and the Motorola DP2400. If you need uninterrupted communications, delivered today at discounted wholesale prices you are going to enjoy giving us a call.

We have the the best security earpieces in the market with push to talk capability at unbelievable prices, don’t miss out.

Need crystal clear discrete acoustic tubing earpieces for hands-free communications and surveillance… you probably want to give us a call.

We have supplied security radios to the Olympic Games, Nightclubs, Government Agencies, Events, and Banks so we know the best two way radios on the market. 

You want the best two way radios on the market then ask us for a quote TODAY, and you’ll receive an reply immediately.

All of these radios are certified for Australian operation, and tested to ensure commercial durability, long lasting lithium ion batteries,  and exceptional long distance coverage.

Finally delivery can be same day in most instances or the next day when more complicted programming is required.

Dispatch Consoles
Hospital Two Way Radios Link Capacity Plus
New Release – NX3000 NXDN Handheld Radios
Kenwood NX3000 series handheld two way radio instructions

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