LTE25 Softswitch

A high availability all-IP SIP & RTP based softswitch designed specifically for mission critical radio networks and 4G LTE Network P25 components. For this purpose the softswitch has been developed to support a rich supplementary service feature set. All based on public safety LMR networks and call types including group calls, fastcal setup times, emergency calls and encrypted voice services. Above all the solution supports geographical redundancy (disaster recovery node) and multiple 4G LTE Network P25 LTE25 softswitches can be deployed within the EPC to provide regionalisation of voice traffic services (reducing backhaul considerations) or greater segregation of traffic services (e.g. police vs. industry).

As a result MiningTelecoms 4G LTE Network P25 4G Smartphone solution bridges LTE networks and existing APCO P25 narrowband networks with an integrated, push-to-talk solution. Of course traditional radio handsets can now communicate seamlessly with 4G Android devices, allowing for a true interoperability in multi vendor P25 / LTE networks. LTE25 consists of a number of elements hosted (preferably) within the LTE Evolved Packet Core.

DSN (Data Service Node)

A high availability all-IP data service node (SGSN/GGSN) that manages SNDCP data connections for secure applications on the LTE25 Android Client handsets, such as encrypted location.

KMF (Key Management Facility)

A high availability network element that manages cryptographic key distribution within the LTE25 and APCO P25 network solution. Secondly the KMF manages Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) sessions between LTE25 Client handsets and the key manager in the network. MiningTelecoms KMF can be used to rekey either LTE25 client handsets or traditional P25 client handsets from the same manager simultaneously.One or more KMFs (private or shared) can be deployed in the EPC.

LOC (Local Operations Console)

MiningTelecoms state of the art Local Operations Console (LOC) provides team management functions within the client’s enterprise network. From here a distinct Network Operations Centre (NOC) based console from manufacturers such as Zetron and Intergraph, the LOC provides a desktop based solution blending AVL / GPS fleet management and dispatch calling functions. Utilising Google Earth mapping, the LOC communicates with the LSC to provide mapped location details of team members within the network. The LOC can see both LTE users and P25 users simultaneously and establish calls to individuals or groups of users at the click of a mouse.

LTE25 4G Network Diagram

4G network providers include: