MOTOTRBO ION Two Way Radios with Touch Screen
DP4801e Portable
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1. How much can you expect to pay for a Motorola Two Way Radio?

$650 – $1,900 (excl gst)

1.1 Pricing – Save $$$ on Motorola Digital Portable Radios:

Choosing the right digital two way radio can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If GPS is not required start researching the bottom to mid tier two way radios.

1.2 Motorola Mid Tier Price Range:

Mid tier digital radios range from $650 – $1,040 (excl gst), no GPS and have between 16 – 128 channels. These models include the DP2400e (no display) and the DP2600e (with display).

1.3 Motorola Top Tier Price Range:

Motorola’s top tier digital radios range from $799 – $1,699 (excl gst), optional GPS, 1,000 channels, bluetooth, zones, to name a view benefits. 

1.4 Pricing Schedule

Pricing is largely dependent on the whether you need a top tier Motorola Digital Two-Way Radio or a mid tier slightly less functionality two way radio.

Our Top tier radios for Mining, Security, Events range from $899 – $1,900 + gst.

Our Mid tier Motorola Radios for Construction, Warehouse / Factory, Transport sector, or Long Term Project range from $650 – $849 + gst. 

How to understand the type of Motorola radio from the Model Description…


  • DM = Digital Mobile (in vehicle radios) – ie DM4601e
  • DP = Digital Portable (Hand-Held) – ie DP4601e

For more information select the Motorola model number below.

Motorola Digital Portables:(…1e = GPS)

Please be aware pricing is the radio price only and does not include programming, software licenses, ACMA licenses, or chargers.

DM4601e Two Way Radio with Controller Mic

DM4600e HHCH UHF/VHF Mobile Radio

DP3661e Two Way Radio from Motorola

DP3661e UHF/VHF Compact Analogue Digital  Portable

2. How much can you expect to pay for Motorola Analogue Two-Way Radios?

Answer: $395 – $480 (excl gst), depending on the radio setup.

2.1 Selecting the right Motorola radio for the project.

If you require a simple to use, CB UHF or programmable analogue radio check out the Motorola CP476. 

Its easy to use which when operating in Citizen Band you have the option to do away with ACMA licensing fees.

However we recommend for medium to large sites an ACMA frequency or frequencies are assigned and registered. Having your own ACMA dedicated channels reduces the risk of interference, provides more effective site communications and privacy.

2.2 Easy Setup.

The setup of the CP476 is less than 5min. Simply connect the battery and antenna, switch it on and your in radio communications.

We recommend training your team on how to use the radio and completing a site coverage test.

2.3 What’s Included in the Price?

The Motorola CP476 cames as a package and includes:

  • CP476 UHF CB Radio
  • UHF Antenna
  • Rapid Recharger
  • Belt Clip
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Instruction Manual

Pricing does not include programming (if required) or remote mic.

3. How to Save $$$ by determining the number of channels required.

Pricing – Save materially when purchasing by selecting a radio with the right number of channels that you will use.

For example if you only need a couple of channels there is no point buying a Motorola two-way radio with 1000 channels. They can be 35-40% more expensive.

3.1 Motorola Mid Tier Portable Radios

Mid tier radios (illustrated) range from $650 – $1,040 (excl gst) and have 16 – 128 channels. If you don’t need 1000 channels and the additional functionality of the top tier radios, we recommend you ask us about the DP2400e (no display) and the DP2600e (with display).

For addtional information from Motorola click here

Please be aware pricing is the radio price only and does not include programming, software licenses, ACMA licenses, or chargers.

For more information on selecting the right Motorola Two-Way Radio for your business give us a call today.


DP2600e UHF/VHF Digital Analogue Portable

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