MOTOROLA DP4801ex Two-Way Radios with EX ATEX/IECEX

The Motorola DP4801 Ex is Australian certified to ATEX/IECEX standards. With encapsulated radio components communications can be carried out in explosive gas or combustible dust environments. Critical radio communications on oil rigs or in open pit mines by skilled professionals are carried out safely, and reliably. Expertly developed, and designed for frontline operations the DP4801 EX is fully featured with high-performance voice and data communications. Exceptional audio clarity, integrated data, and highly developed functionally delivers a comprehensive two-way radio solution for your business, site or project. This radio provides instant push to talk communications for safe and efficient operations for up to 28 hours.

MiningTelecoms is Australia’s leading supplier, and service provider of Motorola Two Way Radios and Accessories

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What you can expect in these next-generation Ex ATEX safe radios:

  • Ex ATEX/IECEX-certified for explosive environments (gas or dust)
  • Safe, unrivalled voice and data communications
  • Capacity Plus MOTOTRBO™ performance
  • Rugged Design – IP67 rated
  • 1000 Channels with GPS