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COMMERCIAL radio Accessories

4  EXCEPTIONALLY EASY WAYs to buy TWO-WAY RADIO Accessories – (SAVE $$$)

Imagine if you could make one simple two way radio accessory purchase that is fast, easy, tracked and at wholesale prices….

You’d probably be ready to read and understand them.

Well, your about to find out, as this is how we continually support our customers in Australia.

  1. Purchase online. Our website and network is secure and firewall protected
  2. Telephone 1800 551 427 and speak to a MiningTelecoms representative
  3. Email us with the part number or make and model and we will reply back to you with a quote within 1 business hour.
  4. All purchases receive a piece of mind 30 day money back guarantee.

All accessories come with a 1 year replacement warranty. Buy genuine accessories from MiningTelecoms for Motorola, Tait, Kenwood, Hytera Two Way Radios.

Free expressed shipping on all orders to major cities and towns in Australia.

Same day shipping in most instances and your order is updated by status notifications.