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Normal Market Price $659 – $899 + GST

Our Price Range $525 – $799 + GST

The Tait TP3 transmits at the maximum power (5W-4W) allowed by the ACMA achieving exceptional coverage, plus…

…the latest in noise cancelling audio technology

Introducing the latest product in the Tait Portable Two Way Radio Range – the TP3 series is a unique, highly customizable affordable hand-held two way radio for communications all over Australia. Available in DMR Tier 2 and/or analogue (incl CB UHF), it puts the power to choose the display, keypad type (No Key, 4 Key or 16 Key), and optional customized labels for each radio in your hands.

If your needs evolve, the TP3 allows you to change these options quickly and cost-effectively – at any time

The TP3 is the only radio that gives you the power to choose – and the power to change – with such ease and affordability.

For this reason MiningTelecoms highly recommend this Two Way Radio for High Quality push to talk communications….our customers love it!


Tait TP3 Two Way Radios
No Key Display
Tait TP3 4 Keypad Display
4 key display
Tait TP3 16 Keypad display
16 key display
Two Way Radio Spec Sheet

TP3 Labeling

Two Way Radio Spec Sheet

TP3 Radio Spec’s


LABELING (optional)

Your able to personalize your Tait TP3 series radios with dedicated label spaces. There are four different label locations to personalize and customize dependent on the model you purchase. Download the label instructions below.

TP3 no display label
tp3 side view
TP3 red
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