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Remote Two-Way Radio Communications for Construction

We supply remote construction two way radios in VHF / UHF, for mines, municipals and maintenance of civil engineering infrastructure including pipelines, railroads, agriculture, rural services and also emergency services.

When you have limited communications options we have the solution. We are able to setup remote temporary communication towers anywhere in Australia. Our towers are serviceable, mobile 6 – 30 meter modular, lightweight towers in 3m sections. 

From air interfaces to IP networks, the MiningTelecoms team will design, supply and commission a diverse range of customized solutions including digital, analogue, satellite, and P25 LG LTE cellular. 

Let us know your construction project location and if possible topographic landscape and we will provide you with a preliminary design and costings at trade prices.

Due to the complicated nature of tower infrastructure we are also able to provide you with an engineer approved recommended solution for the specific remote construction project.  

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