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We are Australia’s nation-wide leader in low-cost, low-power, secure and robust internet of things (IoT) sensor connected mines for data-driven decision making.


Mining IoT Solutions – Near Realtime Data – Low Cost

Mining IoT Conveyor Belt – Functional Status

Continuously monitor equipment in real-time, temperature, vibration, pressure, noise, and rotation. Monitor changes in components and perform timely maintenance avoiding expensive production losses.

Mining- IoT-Conveyor-Belt-Vibration-Sensor

Real-time Asset Tracking, & Diagnostics

Sensors provide real-time remote diagnostics, asset tracking, and predictive maintenance. Alerts offer early warnings to stay ahead of costly downtime

Mine IoT Production Monitoring

IoT Sensors monitor the productivity and daily operations – data analytics support the decision making process


Monitor Remote Water Readings & Emissions

Sensors control emission levels and threshold limit valves to ensure a safe and sustainable environment. Real-time monitoring of groundwater levels provide timely alerts. 

Monitor Load Statistics

Sensors monitor load times, frequency, and weight – data collected offers insights, and analysis


Employee Management and Safety

Help employees productivity and safety with RFID tracking, air quality and workplace monitoring


Saving mines millions of dollars in maintenance costs in just two years

Get Next-Gen II LPWAN Solutions for IoT in MiningMine-IOT-Sensor

Capabilities and Advantages of Next Gen IoT

Many companies with high-security intimidations embed sensors in vehicles, machinery, and resources. These sensors are very capable and can detect several things, namely:

  • Early warning preventative maintenance
  • Improved productivity and effectiveness
  • Early detection and alerts of harmful gasses.
  • Better use of assets and resources
  • Water level use, quality and forecasting
  • Mining statistics and logistics
  • Improved worker safety
  • Asset tracking and location detection
  • Very cost effective

MiningTelecoms IoT solutions offer automation of tasks normally carried out by human recourses. This minimizes the number of workers, resulting in cost reductions to the business. 

Cost Effective Operation sees greater profitability

With mine downtimes reduced by automatic IoT scheduling, maintenance is controlled saving potentially millions of dollars. Resource tracking, and infrastructure monitoring has also resulted in equipment with higher production rates which results in larger enterprise profits.

IoT sensors and devices facilitate efficient effective operations, keeping the heartbeat of the operation ticking. Real time data assists management and operations with timely information in order to make critical, and non critical decisions.

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IoT Predictive Maintenance / Down-Time Stats


Payment Options

Option 1 – Purchase IoT Hardware

  • Classified as a capital expenditure (capex)
  • Hardware is owned by the you and fall under the standard warranty
  • Upfront cost, with lower monthly cost

Option 2 – IoT Operating Lease

  • Classified as operating expense, small monthly payment
  • Equipment is repaired or replaced for the term of the lease
  • No upfront hardware costs
  • Terminal costs agreed / Transfer of the asset at the end of the term

Powering radio telecommunication lifelines

Communications will be a major economic driver in 2021 with advances in 5G/4G two way radio networks and applications that will spur innovation to new industries, products, services and job creation. 

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MiningTelecoms 2021 Connected Communications

Why MiningTelecoms Australia

Over the last 10 years we have developed cutting edge, cost effective, project specific, IoT, and network communication solutions for regional Australia.

MiningTelecoms offers a flexible new approach to remote communications with satellite, radio links, cellular 3G, 4G networks, and broadband available in isolation or as one integrated managed platform.

Communication is a lifeline to our customers as they develop, grow and transition. Our unique industry specific communications are designed for growth in mining and exploration, pipeline works, oil and gas, agriculture and construction.

MiningTelecoms specialises in remote worksites and offshore projects in Australia and New Zealand. Our networks include exclusive satellite, radio, cellular, wireless and fixed line broadband solutions.

Our team are well skilled in industry specific communications requirements and customer service.

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