Mine Communications 4G LTE Productivity & Safety, How does it work?

P25 Two Way Radios 4G LTE Bridging

Mining Communications 4G LTE Technology Productivity & Safety now Bridge the Gap between Two-Way Radios and 4G Android Communications

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Broadband and narrowband technologies are merging via MiningTelecoms Mine Communications 4G LTE networks. Different mobile devices like PMR radio transceivers and 4G smart phones can now communicate with each other and share data applications.

Networks provide different functionality, such as wide coverage areas (P25) and fast data speeds (4G). However, MiningTelecoms Mine Communications 4G LTE network solution allows the two different technologies to complement each. The gap between traditional radio networks and IT networks is no longer an issue. This solution allows calls between smart phones and two-way radios ensuring production doesn’t stop and employees safety is available always. Users are given greater control in the palm of their hand.

If you’re migrating or upgrading a legacy or digital radio network, consider the demand to bridge P25 and LTE networks. This helps to future proof infrastructure investment, providing flexibility and choice now and in the future. MiningTelecoms can supply and commission a LTE25 softswitch. With CSSI and ISSI interfaces providing a seamless, future-proof solution for traditional radios integrated with 4G networks. Combined with other base station equipment and radio network elements, MiningTelecoms delivers complete IP solutions, suitable for any regional or metropolitan voice and data network in Australia.