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Hytera DMR & Tetra Solutions – Whats New in 2018?

Hytera DMR Tetra Solutions

Hytera DMR TETRA Solutions for First Responders Hytera DMR Hytera Tetra Solutions, is a world leading solution provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications. For this reason Hytera has just launched and presented its latest DMR and TETRA Solutions. Supporting the DMR and Tetra Solutions is the Hytera Dispatch Solution. First and foremost this is a system […]

How Do Two Way Radios Accelerate Productivity and Safety?

1) Two Way Radios 256 bit Encryption / Backup Power Supplies With Safety a priority MiningTelecoms most recently upgraded a NSW Drug Rehabilitation Hospital to a P25 Phase 1 Trunked radio network solution with the latest Kenwood NX5300 Portable & NX5700 Mobile Series Two Way Radios. With safety in mind a NXR-810 UHF repeater, and […]

What links Westconnex Sydney Metro and MiningTelecoms?

Westconnex Sydney Metro & MiningTelecoms NSW is building a two way radio communications and commercial infrastructure that is bigger than anywhere in Australia. Sydney will grow from 4.7 million people last year to an expected 6.4 million by 2036. Commercial and residential projects will expand to include a $9.6 billion Sydney  Metro rail, $16.8 billion Westconnex road project and the $2.1 […]

Security Two Way Radios – What are the 3 Key Radio Requirements?

Security Two Way Radio Communications

1/ Choose UHF Security Two Way Radios  UHF Security Two Way Radios provide better building penetration than VHF. We therefore we highly recommend UHF two-way radios for security purposes. So where there are a number of obstacles UHF will ensure your crew are on the ground stays in touch. Due to a lot of clubs, […]