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MiningTelecoms doesn’t sell radios we deliver Exclusive Communication Lifelines

Over the last 20 years we have developed cutting edge, cost effective, project specific, two way radio solutions throughout Australia.

MiningTelecoms offers a flexible new approach to radio communications with satellite, radio links, cellular 3G, 4G networks, and broadband also available in isolation or as one integrated managed platform.

Communication is a lifeline to our customers as they develop, grow and transition. Our unique industry specific communications solutions are designed with growth, safety and scalability in mind.

Our team are well skilled in customer service and technical support.

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Our Two Way Radio Products


Motorola DLR1060 Girl Radio in Hand

Extend your radio coverage area

Our integrated platform can support a range of networks with inter-connectivity anywhere in Australia.

Get access to multi-site operations anywhere in regional Australia with our own managed service communication facilities. Network inter-connectivity switches ensures seamless mobile network connectivity. 

We offer a StayConnected network platform with high availability voice and data communications that are flexible and can be applied to any environment or location.

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