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11 Highly Effective Ways to Save $$$ on Two-Way Radios (Today)

Imagine if you could have two way radios, specific to your industry road-mapped within 24 hours that would instantly boost the productivity and safety of your business saving you thousands of dollars.

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Two Way Radios

Or even better:

What if there were 11 other reasons…

…and each of these could generate more productivity for your business saving you $$$.

You’d probably want to read more about these benefits.

As with all our existing customers we will share with you exactly what these benefits are and more importantly the best two way radio for your business saving you $$$.

Click on the 11 practical ways to select the right two way radios for your business TODAY.

1/ Save $$$ on Recommended Construction Two Way Radios

2/ Mining Two Way Radios – Save $$$ Choosing the Right Radio

3/ Buying Two Way Radios in Australia, UHF or VHF (How to Choose)

4/ CB UHF Radios for Commercial Purposes – Save $$$

5/ What are Australia’s Top Selling, Security/Event Radios are Saving the Industry $$$

6/ Save on Accessories To Your Door in 24 – 48 Hours – Batteries, Audio Mics, Chargers 

7/ Radio Communications Solutions and WAN, Designed and Commissioned

8/ Buying Motorola Two Way Radios Save $$$

9/ Designed to Deliver! That’s a Tait Radio! Best Prices in Australia.

10/ Hytera Hits the Market with the Latest PD982 Digital Radios – Save $$$

11/ See Kenwoods New Portables, Mobiles and Accessories – Save $$$

What to Choose Hire or Purchase?


When purchasing analogue two-way radios you can expect the price to be between $329 to $700 (ex gst).

If your looking for digital two way radios expect the price to be between $680 – $3,500 (ex gst).

The other option is to hire, this can be anything from $2 to $15 per day.

How to decide…

…as an example, if your undertaking a short term, one off project, is it a good thing to purchase or hire? In most instances we recommend buy. The reason is this, you can purchase a new analogue, coverage of 4-10km, built tough, lithium-ion long lasting batteries, at a price of between $329 – $480(ex gst). Most projects last 4-12mths, and repeat themselves. Once you purchase that’s it, the radios we supply are of exceptionally quality.

Call us today…we can help you save $$$

Whats the Best Two Way Radio for Your Business?

One of the best ways to think about buying radio communications is this:

Is this a new two way radio setup or do you need to align the frequencies to existing radios you are already using? If its to add to existing we recommend following the same manufacturer, we will read the frequencies on your existing radios and sync them to the new ones….no hassle, call us today, in less than 10 minutes you will have a quote/solution.

If you need a new setup, how many people and in different functions will be using the Radios? As an example, if its anything less than 5, look for a good CB UHF two way radio – we recommend the Kenwood TK3310.

More than 5 and there are a number of different site dependents or projects or its for BAU operations then go digital. Its worth paying a little more for the clarity / better coverage / and functionality – we recommend the Motorola DP3661e.

We recommend calling us were we can provide you with a verbal quote and solution in less than 10 minutes.

Here’s How to Get Even More information on Your next Purchase select the Newsroom. We also recommend going to the ACMA website for more information on Radio Spectrum and Licencing.