Leasing Two Way Radio Communications & Network Solutions


Drive Efficiencies, Improve Productivity and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Leasing Two Way Radio Communications & Network Solutions help our clients focus their capital expenditure on revenue generating assets.

Clients can now benefit from:

  • Acquiring equipment immediately, while spreading the cost over time, preserving cash
  • Affordable monthly payments for the term of the agreement.
  • Payments that are 100% tax deductible with business use, making it cost-effective.
  • Flexibility for you to change or upgrade equipment and infrastructure  at any time (use a phased approach to going digital)

Mining Telecommunications of Australia is pleased to now offer clients operating and finance lease options for Two Way Radio Communications and Network Solutions. MTA have recognized trends in today’s market place and can now offer extended payment terms by way of a lease or rental option. This allows clients to focus more capital on growth and efficiency projects within their businesses and ultimately roll-out their core strategies & help achieve productivity and sales targets.

Current Trends in the Market Include:

  • an increase in complex two way radio communications, wifi and mesh network solutions
  • the increasing client demand for operating expense (“opex”) models,
  • the general lack of capital expense (“capex”) budgets as a result of global market conditions and
  • the client need to align revenue and costs, seeing communications as a variable cost.
  • Commoditisation of foundational support services

Asset Financing together with the MiningTelecoms  Solutions Plus programme will focus on internal improvement initiatives that will make it easier for our clients to do business with us. This reinforces our commitment to strong working partnerships with our regional clients as well with peer functions in New Zealand.

As the company CEO puts it: “It is another vital component in ensuring we deliver an outstanding solution that meets our customers’ communications requirements today, with a clear path to a digital world of data, voice and video tomorrow.

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