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Security Two Way Radios – What are the 3 Key Radio Requirements?

Security Two Way Radio Communications

1/ Choose UHF Security Two Way RadiosĀ  UHF Security Two Way Radios provide better building penetration than VHF. We therefore we highly recommend UHF two-way radios for security purposes. So where there are a number of obstacles UHF will ensure your crew are on the ground stays in touch. Due to a lot of clubs, […]

The NEW Kenwood DMR TK-D240 & TK-D340 Series Two Way Radios

The portable and mobile two way radios have the capability of handling analogue & digital simultaneously, and will facilitate the migration to digital as a business feels the need. The RRP price (package) we have been informed will be around the early $600 mark, however as always due to our buying power we can offer […]

Leasing Two Way Radio Communications & Network Solutions

  Drive Efficiencies, Improve Productivity and Stay Ahead of the Competition Leasing Two Way Radio Communications & Network Solutions help our clients focus their capital expenditure on revenue generating assets. Clients can now benefit from: Acquiring equipment immediately, while spreading the cost over time, preserving cash Affordable monthly payments for the term of the agreement. […]