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The 5 Key Two Way Radio Benefits for Business? Intro the Tait TP9300

Tait TP9300 Two Way Radios

The Tait TP9300 is a world-class DMR portable radio. It’s ideal for Utilities, Transport, Mining, Oil & Gas, and other organizations who depend on communications to do their job. In this video, we’ll explore the top five benefits of the TP9300: 1. Tait TP9300 Quad-Mode for a simple migration Each TP9300 is capable of four […]

Security Two Way Radios – What are the 3 Key Radio Requirements?

Security Two Way Radio Communications

1/ Choose UHF Security Two Way Radios  UHF Security Two Way Radios provide better building penetration than VHF. We therefore we highly recommend UHF two-way radios for security purposes. So where there are a number of obstacles UHF will ensure your crew are on the ground stays in touch. Due to a lot of clubs, […]

Next Generation of Mine Network Communications What does it look like?

Next Generation of Mine Network Communications – P25 Two-Way Radios / 4G LTE Networks and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Mine Network Communications – what does the world look like in 5 years from now and the Industrial Internet of Things? Heavy industries today are increasingly looking for technology to enhance safety, productivity with […]

7 reasons why Tait two-way radios deliver in P25 communications

  For more information call MiningTelecoms on 1800 551 427 or email 1. More efficient networks. More possibilities With multiple operating modes including analog, analog simulcast IP, 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA conventional/trunked, P25 Phase 2 TDMA trunked, and LSM (CQPSK) decode capability in a single device, you can transition to a more spectrally efficient […]

Buying Two Way Radios in Australia, UHF or VHF?

I have had a lot of responses to this Two Way Radios blog so I thought it worth updating. The quick answer: UHF normally provides better building penetration, and we therefore recommend (as an example) UHF radios to the construction / security / hotel industries. At the date of writing this our top selling UHF […]