Motorola TPG2200 TETRA PAGER for Firefighters

Motorola TPG2200 Pager Tetra

Motorola Solutions has developed a two-way pager to enable firefighters to quickly alert colleagues if they need help during incidents.

The Motorola TPG2200 is a TETRA-based device which both sends out a signal, and lets personnel acknowledge that they’ve received the message and are responding to the call. According to Motorola, key functionalities include enhanced coverage via a fully-integrated antenna, as well as GPS capability to let control room staff see where users are located.

The device also includes ‘integrated terminal management’ (iTM) which enables the centralised management of the devices, while supporting the mass configuration of a large amount of terminals. This ensures that the devices can all be managed simultaniously, together with the users’ TETRA radios.

The ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA pager ensures that emergency personnel can be reached at all times to provide fast assistance and / or care to people in need. With its outstanding transmission / reception characteristics and the long service life, the ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA-
In these critical moments, every second counts. Therefore, the TPG2200 is easy to operate with just one hand. News can be quickly read and answered thanks to a high-quality 2-inch color display and the familiar Motorola Solutions user interface. Its light weight and compact design ensure that it can be taken anywhere and does not limit the use of any force in its daily work. Because the TPG2200 provides IP54 protection against dust and water, reliable operation is ensured even when exposed to the relevant environmental influences.

As one of the world’s leading providers of TETRA radios, Motorola Solutions is a partner you can rely on and as such we are a leading supplier of Motorola radio communications equipment. For other leading emergency protocols check out the Range of P25 Two Way Radios

This is a USA based product not currently available in Australia. However please call a MiningTelecoms representative who will be able to explain the current technology / products available in Australia