Hytera DMR & Tetra Solutions – Whats New?

Hytera DMR Tetra Solutions

Hytera DMR TETRA Solutions for First Responders

Hytera DMR Hytera Tetra Solutions, is a world leading solution provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications. For this reason Hytera has just launched and presented its latest DMR and TETRA Solutions. Supporting the DMR and Tetra Solutions is the Hytera Dispatch Solution. First and foremost this is a system developed to perform on Hytera’s digital platform for efficient communication. For example logistics and managing professional users are a now central feature at the core of this solution. It also features visualized dispatching with GPS/AVL function for high performance command and control. Integrated with voice, video and data service, Hytera On-Site Communication Vehicle is a quick deployable on-site communication solution. Dealing with emergency situations like riots and disaster relief where temporary command and control center is a necessity. It provides instant and reliable video and voice communication on site and long-distance transmission and interconnection with the remote command center. Two Way Radios Hyterac DIB500Two Way Radios from Hytera DIB500   The TETRA system provides secure and robust communications to police and safety agencies to ensure highest security during the event. In Lima Metropolitanay Callao 14 TETRA 2 DIB-R5 advanced sites and a geographically redundant IPN provide secure voice and data communications. Additionally two mobile communication control centers equipped with a rapid deployment DIB-500 R4.1 TETRA base station, a remote operation control center (TETRA dispatcher, an AVL-GIS station) and 300 PT580H Hytera TETRA portables have been strategically installed.