How Do Two Way Radios Accelerate Productivity and Safety?

Motorola DLR1060 Girl Radio in Hand
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1) Two Way Radios 256 bit Encryption / Backup Power Supplies

With Safety a priority MiningTelecoms most recently upgraded a NSW Drug Rehabilitation Hospital to a P25 Phase 1 Trunked radio network solution with the latest Kenwood NX5300 Portable & NX5700 Mobile Series Two Way Radios. With safety in mind a NXR-810 UHF repeater, and P25 Channel Converter provided mission critical encrypted communications across the entire hospital. Additionally a 12 hour backup power supply was installed ensuring radio communication of both voice and data to mobile base radios and portables.

2) Motorola Multi-Site Linked Capacity Plus 

MiningTelecoms has also recently installed a Motorola Two Way Radios Network Solution to a NSW detention center. It was clear the previous single site Motorola Capacity Plus system needed to be expanded to a three-site linked Capacity Plus system which would cover the detention centers main building and all the other core areas of the center.

Motorola Two Way Radios operated from a single site Motorola Capacity Plus system, which covered just the detention centers main building. First and foremost is the safety of inmates and officers therefore a three-site Linked Capacity Plus system that covers all areas of the center was a critical requirement.

3) Two Way Radio Safety via Tracking Indoors & Outdoors

The detention center contacted MiningTelecoms due to the centers expansion and a requirement to extend the coverage area of the current Capacity Plus system.  The center, is operated by front line officers and supported by contractors and other full time personnel. Therefore tracking of personnel both outdoors and indoors of the detention center was critical. For this reason MiningTelecoms installed beacons and supplied GPS capable Motorola DP4800e Portable Two Way Radios. This allowed for officers and security personal to safely and productively work across the whole center while being monitored by the control room.

4) Trunked Two Way Radios

In order to facilitate this mission critical solution which included both voice and data the Capacity Plus trunking software was selected. Seamlessly this increased the number of individual two way radios that were able to operate on the system simultaneously without the center having to purchase licenses for extra frequencies. Linked Capacity Plus uses digital repeater units in different locations to effectively create extended two-way radio networks. Two Way Radio Safety functions including mandown and alerts where also configured in the radios.

MiningTelecoms installed Motorola SLR5500 Repeaters in four locations – one in the main building, one in the basement, one on the access road and one in the outer building. Once configured with the Linked Capacity Plus software, these four repeaters were joined together to create one large network spanning the core areas and access road of the detention center.

MiningTelecoms introduced a new fleet of Motorola Mototrbo DP4800e digital portable handsets and Motorola DM4600 mobile base radios. The DP4800e is Motorola Solutions’ flagship digital model and has a wide range of in-built safety alert, data connection and communication functions.

We hope this article has been helpful on how Two Way Radio Safety has been commissioned in these businesses. Contact MiningTelecoms and we can discuss how to align your business.