Oil and Gas Offshore Tetra Communications

Unified Solutions for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Communications



Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Surveillance

Manage your operations anywhere and everywhere 24 hours a day. Video analytics solutions can monitor by self learning AI technology.

The Avigilon is designed to accurately recognise movement whether it is a team member on the ground or a vehicle, with type, speed and destination. The system monitors and recognises the differentiating movement between different assets and personnel. This reduces false positives and ensures meaningful alerts.

Command control centres with video surveillance and access control solutions are integrated with AI to help provide the right information, accurately and in real-time. Intelligent information allows for critical decisions to be correctly accessed and actioned.

MiningTelecoms Security Cameras

Streamline Video & Communications 

Complete site security checks with organised data in one location. Oil, gas and petrochemical site operations, apps and assets are recorded and stored in one centralised location. An easy to use platform provides quick access to current and historical video surveillance information and data.

Imagine a single platform where you can record incidents in real time across multiple devices, assets, personnel, and sites. Quickly gain insights into potential safety issues, threats and proactively plan. Update policy & procedures, and communicate any future safety concerns immediately.

MiningTelecoms also offers multi-tiered managed service solutions 

MiningTelecoms Oil, Gas Command Centre


MiningTelecoms carry the full range of Communications Radio Equipment for Oil and Gas Communications

Locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

Over 20 years of experience in critical radio and broadband communication MiningTelecoms has developed scalable, and flexible communications technology to meet the every increasing demand for information in remote Australian locations. This includes unique extended coverage antenna systems, network controllers and monitoring software. We have a dedicated engineering team focused on customer requirements and reducing complexity.

MiningTelecoms offers a flexible new approach to remote communications with satellite, radio links, cellular 3G, 4G networks, Tetra, DMR and broadband available in isolation or as a unique integrated managed platform.

Communication is an essential lifeline to our customers. Our partnership ensures their rapid development, growth and transition.

Our unique industry specific network architecture is specifically designed for remote mining, exploration, pipeline works, oil and gas, agriculture and construction.

MiningTelecoms specialises in remote worksites and offshore projects in Australia and New Zealand.

Our team are well skilled in industry specific communications requirements and customer service.

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WAVE Extends Your Reach

TLK100 WAVE Broadband Two Way RadiosBenefit from using the resources you already have to communicate with personnel on their on devices. WAVE extends your radio’s reach to those who may not carry radios. When the oil & gas site manager is offsite they are contactable on their smartphones with radio users. WAVE connects to virtually any device – smartphone, laptop, tablets, landlines, and WIFI. 

Motorola Mission-Critical LTE Device

Motorola LEX11 Mission Critical LTE Device

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical LTE Networks operate with the Motorola LTE Android user equipment. Featuring touchscreen usability and the convenience of having a smartphone with ruggedized push-to-talk operation.

Tested to military standards the device offers very loud audio ensuring voice communications are heard even in noisy remote locations. 

The device has two programmable side buttons and an emergency button. A body worn camera can also be attached for additional monitoring and security

Network Managed Services

Complexity made simple with a network managed service. 

managed service

Oil & Gas Communication Networks & Terminals

For more information on the most cost effective network or terminal for your site, platform or project click on the links below or contact us

Unique Industry Specific Remote Communications Solutions…

MiningTelecoms offer unique Tetra, DMR, Satellite, LTE Broadband and Cellular Communications Solutions unified into one platform. To learn more on industry specific communication solutions click on the link below or contact us.

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Public Safety Agencies
  • Heavy Industry Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing

Australia-wide sales call 1800 551 427 or email: sales@miningtelecoms.com

As a business built upon word of mouth and recommendations we are recognized by customers for our commitment in solution design and engineering excellence. We only supply leading edge communication components that enable real-time voice, data and video connectivity. Having that kind of information available in a user friendly manner requires careful integration of multiple subsystems.  This includes operator and asset equipment tracking, equipment health monitoring and control, environmental sensor monitoring, security monitoring, and many other tasks that may be unique to your business requiring an immediate response.

We currently service the following areas of Australia:

  • New South Wales (Sydney, Broken Hill, Hunter Valley, Newcastle)
  • Queensland (Brisbane, Mackay, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mt Isa, Surat and Bowen Basin)
  • Western Australia (Perth, Pilbara, Kalgoorlie)
  • South Australia (Adelaide, Roxby Downs, Port Augusta)
  • Offshore Australia
  • Christchurch New Zealand
  • Auckland New Zealand