Motorola “One-box” TETRA digital radio system

Motorola Dimetra Express Tetra Two Way Radios

published by MotorolaSolutions 7 Feb 2017

Motorola Tetra Solutions -Materially Reduced Setup Times

  • Motorola Solutions’ DIMETRA Express TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) system saves valuable time to increase performance, reliability and responsiveness.
  • Integrated system provides all the high-quality voice, short data and telephony services of TETRA in a small form factor.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – February 8, 2017Motorola Solutions launches DIMETRA Express, an expandable single-site TETRA digital radio system. Enhanced technology allows for deployment within 15 minutes, at Critical Communications Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The “one-box” system, integrates base radios and a switch and developed in response to demand from customers and partners. Of course the product is easy to deploy and cost effective enough to be used for smaller projects. DIMETRA Express enables smaller organizations from sectors such as manufacturing, public transport, hospitality, events and oil & gas.

Other TETRA systems can take time to get up and running, and require the support of an engineer. This new DIMETRA Express system can literally be deployed in less than 15 minutes. For businesses, this means increasing performance, reliability and responsiveness. Critical communication services can now realize lower communications costs.

DIMETRA Express is a fully integrated DIMETRA TETRA system

For this reason Voice, short data services (SDS) and telephony services users only require in a small physical footprint. Next the system is both light-weight and energy efficient, allowing quick, easy deployment and cost effective communications. It can be set up and configured by a Windows or Android laptop or tablet. The system is then managed and operated through intuitive web-based applications and tools. It also requires just a single IP address reducing setup and ongoing maintenance costs.

TETRA is the robust and reliable communications backbone of businesses and organizations around the world. Of course Motorola Solutions is continuously working with customers to enhance and invest in future leading TETRA solutions. This enables customers to do their work, and to transform their business services. DIMETRA Express is an exciting product to bring to market as it meets the ‘5 Cs’ of land and professional mobile radio – coverage, capacity, cost, control and capabilities – in a way that meets the evolving needs of users.”

The launch of the DIMETRA Express follows the popular DIMETRA IP Micro, DIMETRA IP Compact and DIMETRA IP Scalable. This results in local, regional and nationwide coverage. A new addition to the DIMETRA portfolio of products underlines Motorola Solutions’ position as a leading provider of TETRA digital radio communication.