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Next Generation of Mine Network Communications – P25 Two-Way Radios / 4G LTE Networks and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Heavy industries today are increasingly looking for technology to enhance safety, productivity with the flexibility to change quickly. With that comes the ability to bridge the gap between current segmented communications and harness new intelligent Mine Network Communications. This has resulted in technology that can now provide seamless two-way radio communications with cellular networks.

Australia hosts a magnitude of Construction, Mining, Oil&Gas, and remote projects that makes it ideal for a linked P25 radio that communicates to a Cellular Mobile and if required a Satellite communications network. This results in an industrial operations solution that is in direct communications with senior management when it matters most.

New or Existing Mines expanding need a scalable mining communications network infrastructure with optional tracking functionality that incorporates WiFi-Mesh for voice, video and data.

With advancements in communications via the internet a multitude of devices can connect to a number of different communications components, applications, software and open sourced technologies.

Heavy industry including mines and ports are removing legacy systems and moving towards an automated autonomous productive environment. These business initiatives provide big data analytic gains in productivity and yields with increased resource safety. Outcomes from big data provides insights for growth, system improvements and helps in asset management tracking and performance.

Unifying Mine Communications Platforms

Today government, mining, and construction companies communication networks have included multiple IT based segments grouped together with a number of applications which has been based on a businesses current project communications requirements. The result is a high cost segmented infrastructure with multiple systems, that require constant updating and maintenance in order to function.

Removing additional applications / hardware and software simplifies complexity and focus’s on investing in one communications solution. Converging networks and applications into one can save between 25 to 35 percent versus operating multiple systems.

IP-based network architecture, LTE25 soft switches, offers a flexible, scalable foundation, so as a mine expands the communications platform expands. 4G LTE Networks allow for radios and cellular with the ability to use “virtualized” multiple physical networks into one.

Heavy Industry with its remote operations and nationwide facilities, can prosper by advancing its communications network and architecture. The exploration, Oil&Gas, Extraction, Stevedore, and Logistics, as well as energy, water and security, can all be optimized with modern communications and technology applications.

A 4G LTE25 Soft Switch with a virtual network can be implemented over a P25 radio – Cellular or Satellite network type, both wired wireless on a multitude of radio frequencies, including point-to-point links or multi-access links. This is a turn-key solution that provides a flexible network link to the people in operations to the decision makers across Australia no mater where or what the terrain.

Next Steps: Planning  

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