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Hytera DMR & Tetra Solutions – Whats New in 2018?

Hytera DMR Tetra Solutions

Hytera DMR TETRA¬†Solutions¬†for First Responders Hytera DMR Hytera Tetra Solutions, is a world leading solution provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications. For this reason Hytera has just launched and presented its latest DMR and TETRA Solutions. Supporting the DMR and Tetra Solutions is the Hytera Dispatch Solution. First and foremost this is a system […]

Two-Way Radios Man Down – 5 Radio Requirements

Two-Way Radios Man Down, How Does it Work? Tait Two-Way Radios Man Down function can be found in the TP9300 and TP9400. It is especially prevalent across the wide reaching terrain of Australia. Employees if they were to encounter difficulties can easily be found by an accelerometer. If someone loses consciousness or injures themselves, Two-Way […]

Queensland gov approves leases worth $21 billion – Carmichael Mine

Mine Site Communications

Final Environmental Approval Granted The Carmichael coal mine is a proposed thermal coal mine in the north of the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland, Australia. Mining is planned to be conducted by both open-cut and underground methods, which will require some intriniscally safe two way radios. Refer to Mining Telecoms Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radios […]